How to make money online by Google Translate

Make Money Online with Google Translate

The basic idea of this topic how to make money online by Google Translate is :We will find translation jobs on a given website and using Google Translate to get it done. Eventually, You will get payment from the project provider.

You can do this with your desktop or laptop and even do it with your mobile phone. It’s available on both iOS and Android. This method is absolutely free and, works all over the world. In other words, anyone can earn money online with no effort from anywhere.

How to Make Money Online  by Google Translate

So this is one of the easiest ways to make money online ” make money online by Google Translate ” absolutely free of cost. The website we use to find our language translation job is “ ‘’. (Website link given)

Make Money Online with Google Translate ( Simple And Easy Method)

Create an account and find translation job offers from

Website link –

This is a website where you can get paid by completing many different jobs, like surveys, app downloads, translations, etc. This platform paying for downloading different apps, video and animation projects, music projects, engineering and science projects, and much more. So there are many options for making money for everyone in different categories.

So the specific category we are picking from there is Language and Translation jobs. You can find this from the “browse projects’’ in “I want to work” option.

You can join free on the Website Latium .com . Also need to complete your profile with all details under “I Want To Work’’ option. In addition, you should log in as for work and, you must boost your profile by adding all necessary details. Certainly, as like other platforms, this website also had paid versions like “Varify profile’’ and “GO PRO’’.

Accordingly here we selecting the job option language and translation. Once you complete the login, go to “get start’’ from the home page, then you get the option “ I want to work’’. Under the work option, you can see language and Translations. The Website will show you the different offers under the selected category.

You will never run out of projects to complete, which means there will not be a shortage of jobs on this website.

For translations, we are using Google Translate. Use only Google translate official website for doing translations.

Google Translate link –

In Google translate you can detect any language you want to translate. It doesn’t matter whether it is going to be English to Arabic or English to Spanish, you can do it . No matter whether the language you know or not. You can use Google Translate to do it professionally with a simple click of a button.

You can use Google Translate and Latium website even on your phone. There is an absolutely free app available and that you can install on your phone.

From you may get jobs documents perhaps in your mail, download them to your computer. Once you get the documents then go google translate, browse for your documents and convert to the language you need.

Once you get the translated documents then better to save them in Google Docs. Open Google Docs, create a new page, and save which format you required like pdf or text.

How to make money online by translations jobs with Google Translate

Make Money Online with Google Translate ( Simple And Easy Method)

Google Translate

Make Money Online with Google Translate ( Simple And Easy Method)

Google Docs

After you do that just download it.  Google translated PDF document, obviously, it will look really nice and professional. Now you can go back to the job site and submit it.

Literally, this all takes less than five minutes to do, so simple idea.

You can earn hundreds of dollars again and again on this website with this idea. It’s absolutely free and super easy with Google Translate. Perhaps you will not get accepted for all projects but submit your proposal for as much you can.

How to Make Money Online by Google Translate

In conclusion, we can say all steps as below:

Start an account with Latium, find translation jobs.

Use Google Translate for doing language translations.

Use google documents for making translated documents.

Submit to project given person.

Get paid, after being accepted by the project offered user.

All the best.


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